Minutes walk to Hong Kong famous attraction - Victoria Harbour

The beauty that is Hong Kong Victoria harbour!

The Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, named after the British Queen Victoria, is the third largest harbour in the world and is also among the busiest. All kinds of ships, boats and ferries are seen wending their way, on their water. Taking a ferry ride on the Victoria Harbour is the best way to enjoy the famed Hong Kong skyline, considered by many to be the best in the world.

The Victoria Harbour is a major centre and there are many public shows hosted here. The most famous among these is the annual fireworks display which takes place on the second night of the Lunar New Year. Its shores are lined by skyscrapers and a lot of hotels have sprung up here. From these, the skyline can be enjoyed at night, the best time with it lit up beautifully but seen in the morning, the blue sky frames the background behind Victoria Peak. The scenes make for lovely photos and even lovelier memories. The GuangDong hotel is situated here and looks out on to the harbour dominated by the impressive skyline.

A harbour cruise is on the must-do list of every traveller who comes to Hong Kong. You can choose from the myriad options available depending on the timings, the watercraft in question and your budget. The sunset cruise is great to see the sparkling lights come on as day gives way to night. A cruise aboard a ferry is a wonderful experience where you travel between the island of Hong Kong and the Kowloon peninsula.

There are night-time cruises which allow you to revel in the Symphony of Lights, which is a display of Hong Kong’s spirit, energy and diversity. This starts every day at eight in the evening and is conducted on the basis of five themes: Awakening, with flashes of laser lights, Energy, with colour patterns, Heritage, with a display of red and gold colours, Partnership, with lights connecting both sides of the harbour and Celebration, with kaleidoscopic light patterns. The soundtrack with the music and narration of the show is broadcast in English, Putonghua and Cantonese depending on the day of the week. These happen along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and the Golden Bauhinia promenade. This is also available on radio and mobile phones.

The Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is a natural beauty that should never be missed out on. If you’re staying in a hotel, choose one that is close by or facing the harbour so you don’t miss out on something so gorgeous.