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Visit Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, to see the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong. Just within walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station and GDH Hotel. Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is the must-see destination in your trip!

GDH hotel is a combination of modern-day chic style with age-old values of hospitality. At its core, GDH is determined to discoverer and spread its luxury experiences, flairs, and sensitivities to people from all over the world that comes to Hong Kong for either business or vacation. One of the biggest advantages of staying at GDH is that it is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, only at 12 minutes’ walk from Hong Kong Victoria Harbour. Your visit to Hong Kong will be incomplete unless you have visited Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is one of the leading places of interest in Hong Kong. While taking a walk along the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, you will also be able to enjoy outstanding sights of Hong Kong's vista. You will get to revel in the sights of iconic edifices such as the Convention Center, Bank of China, IFC Tower, SBC Building, etc. You can enjoy several things at Hong Kong Victoria Harbour like Symphony of Lights.

A few things will help you understand why GDH can be your first choice:

1. Price

When you are booking a hotel for your travel, first thing you will think about is what will be the charges. GDH is a sophisticated hotel offering the services of global standards. If you are thinking that, the prices for such services will be quite high, you will be happy to know that GDH offers all its services and accommodations at some very reasonable and best rates as compared to some other hotels near Victoria Harbour. They offer special packages for special purposes.

2. Accommodation

The main purpose of booking a hotel room is to arrange for accommodation when you are in another city. To make the visit enjoyable and relaxing, top quality accommodation with great hygiene and facilities is important. If you are a business or leisure traveler, GDH can meet anybody’s demand with its well-maintained and well-appointed guest rooms. It also offer special rooms for families.

3. Best Amenities

GDH offers a wide range of useful amenities including restaurant with delicious Chinese cuisines, childcare facilities, well-equipped conference room, private lounge, Wi-Fi connectivity, complimentary breakfast, and so on.

4. Location of the Hotel

Location of a hotel plays a very important role when people are looking for a hotel. Finding a hotel in the prime location of the city provides a traveler quick and easy access to various important points of the city. GDH is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is the heart of Hong Kong. It is famous for its surrounded shopping malls, museums, Kowloon Park, and numerous restaurants.

There is no doubt that GDH Hotel has a lot more to offer than just an aesthetically decorated contemporary hotel in the center of Hong Kong. Hotel’s vibrant and elegant atmosphere with international level amenities and services attracts both national and international travelers.

Whether you have a tight business schedule or want to spend your time sightseeing with your loved ones, GDH hotel offers a perfect place to live, located very close to Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong. If you are looking forward to organize a business meeting or conference, GDH will be the ideal place for it as it provides you with a multipurpose conference room with well-appointed facilities. Hotel staff is fully trained to handle these kinds of events with complete success and without compromising the quality of services.

GDH do offer modern sophisticated spaces, but it also understands the value of everlasting enjoyments of flawless hospitality and works constantly towards improving it to deliver best experiences for its guests of all types.

Minutes walk to Hong Kong famous attraction - Victoria Harbour

The beauty that is Hong Kong Victoria harbour!

The Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, named after the British Queen Victoria, is the third largest harbour in the world and is also among the busiest. All kinds of ships, boats and ferries are seen wending their way, on their water. Taking a ferry ride on the Victoria Harbour is the best way to enjoy the famed Hong Kong skyline, considered by many to be the best in the world.

The Victoria Harbour is a major centre and there are many public shows hosted here. The most famous among these is the annual fireworks display which takes place on the second night of the Lunar New Year. Its shores are lined by skyscrapers and a lot of hotels have sprung up here. From these, the skyline can be enjoyed at night, the best time with it lit up beautifully but seen in the morning, the blue sky frames the background behind Victoria Peak. The scenes make for lovely photos and even lovelier memories. The GuangDong hotel is situated here and looks out on to the harbour dominated by the impressive skyline.

A harbour cruise is on the must-do list of every traveller who comes to Hong Kong. You can choose from the myriad options available depending on the timings, the watercraft in question and your budget. The sunset cruise is great to see the sparkling lights come on as day gives way to night. A cruise aboard a ferry is a wonderful experience where you travel between the island of Hong Kong and the Kowloon peninsula.

There are night-time cruises which allow you to revel in the Symphony of Lights, which is a display of Hong Kong’s spirit, energy and diversity. This starts every day at eight in the evening and is conducted on the basis of five themes: Awakening, with flashes of laser lights, Energy, with colour patterns, Heritage, with a display of red and gold colours, Partnership, with lights connecting both sides of the harbour and Celebration, with kaleidoscopic light patterns. The soundtrack with the music and narration of the show is broadcast in English, Putonghua and Cantonese depending on the day of the week. These happen along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and the Golden Bauhinia promenade. This is also available on radio and mobile phones.

The Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is a natural beauty that should never be missed out on. If you’re staying in a hotel, choose one that is close by or facing the harbour so you don’t miss out on something so gorgeous.


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