Boutique Streets Nearby| GuangDong Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the shopping paradise, is well known for its wide variety of boutiques, while Tsim Sha Tsui is the heart of Hong Kong, where the highest density of boutiques, surrounding the hotels, can be found. Tsim Sha Tsui, or referred by some as Hong Kong’s boutique paradise, features a good mix of low, middle and high-end boutiques on top of the grand hotels, ever-buzzing convenience stores, flashy neon lights, and restaurants with kitchens not only from the local Hong Kong people, but also from every corner of the world.

For travelers who are going to explore the boutiques in Hong Kong, Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong should be the most suitable Hong Kong Hotel to stay at, as the hotel is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, neighboring many famous boutique streets and shopping malls including i-Square, K11 and The One.

The distance between Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong and the above three shopping malls is just as short as a 5 to10-minute walk.

Being the first one-stop shopping and entertainment complex linked to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, i-Square is a 31-storey high shopping mall located at 63 Nathan Road, with boutiques including Byford, COBO, Futbol Trend, LensCrafters, MANGO, Mendoza Bags & Luggage, MOISELLE, Optical 88, Sabatina, Sugarman, zn Studio, and more.

K11 is developed as Hong Kong’s and even the world’s first art mall with various boutiques and other retail shopping stores. Most fashion items sold in K11 are with special artistic design, which are difficult to be found anywhere else in Hong Kong.

The One is the tallest retail shopping mall in Hong Kong. The 21-storey mall offers a more straightforward layout compared to the nearby iSquare. There is a fun collection of boutiques and trendy shops.

Other boutique malls in Tsim Sha Tsui include Harbour City, SOGO Department Store, Miramar Shopping Center, 1881 Heritage, etc.